Happy Easter Mini Games

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Do you like surprises?, do you like surprises eggs?, do you like Easter Eggs ?, this is Happy Easter Mini Games is a collection of adventures where the Easter Bunny has to prevent the black rabbit from taking the eggs to keep their surprises.

Contains multitudes of adventures in its eight mini games.

Opportunity to learn by playing, children will enjoy doing different activities to eliminate boredom and learning calculus and motor skills.

What are the mini games:

- Eliminate the black rabbit that hides behind the eggs by pressing directly on the screen.

- Crush the black rabbit using the controls.

- Count how many eggs come out and hit the result.

- Wait for the white rabbit to shoot the eggs to crush them on the screen.

- Watching that eggs do not fall from the sky or put traps on the ground to capture you.

- Shoot the cannon with the controls according to the order and design of the eggs.

- Move the cannon to calculate the firing parabola and get to eliminate as many eggs as possible.

- Destroy the black rabbit avoiding treading the traps, calculating the necessary jump.

Features of Happy Easter:

- Eight mini adventures.

- Multilanguage.

- Tap games.

- Games with controls.

- Artificial Intelligence learning by playing.

- Silent mode.

- Reset marker function.

- Games of calculation, parabolas and action.

- Special for children and kids.

How to use Happy Easter:

1. Choose the adventure that is not blocked.

2. To play, press on the help if you do not know how to play.

3. Win all possible points in the shortest time and the next game will open.

4. Repeat the adventure to improve your score.

P.d .: Help the easter rabbit to retrieve the eggs and discover their surprises.

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